Photo - Anne Laurent



Today, an article appeared on MSNBC. It was about Julia Gnuse, our good friend and BEST client ever. We tattooed her EXCLUSIVELY from head to toe. Before any of you start judging, READ HER STORY. The story is pretty brief, but accurate. One of the details the story left out was the failure of the medical community to help her with her condition - cutaneous porpherya. There were prescriptions for experimental medications which cause blindness as a side effect, dermabrasions and chemical peels that were supposed to make the skin more resistant to blistering, which also failed. I (Art) started tattooing her from about 1991 to 1998, 2 times a week for 7 years. Steve took over after I moved to open Funhouse Tattooing in Vancouver British Columbia. We have appeared in lots of magazines and TV ("Guiness Prime Time", "You Asked for it", "Larry King Live", "Pro Sieben" - Germany, "Fuera de Serie" - Latin America"... and more) over the years and things had quieted down in the last 6 years until recently. Julia has been appearing all over the world!! Italy, New York, the midwestern USA with plans to do London in September...

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