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The line-up in the photo is the line up following the one in the recording below. Duane Peters (center) was brought in as bassist originally, to replace our old bassist, Kevin died and Duane replaced him. Left to Right - Paddy, Steve, Duane, Art and Goatman. The original F*ck Dolls was sort of glam/punk. Kevin and Devin looked like chicks... song below is called "It'll be Alright" was the first song the Exploding F*ck Dolls ever wrote. It was recorded on a 4 track in 1991, among 7 others, in the back room @ "Shackster", our house in Encinitas. The bathroom was he vocal booth, the bed room was cleared out, drums were set up and mic'd...That 4 track only had 3 working tracks... so there was alot of bouncing of tracks to get what you are listening to here.

There was an album worth of material from this literally "home recording session" which we have ready to release. Kevin (the singer) died, before we had a chance to record in REAL studio. In fact, we were all slumming it pretty hard and didn't have money to record. Kevin's dad was a millionaire, he wrote a check for $475.00, gave it to us to give to a club in Solana Beach called "The Belly Up Tavern". (Incidentally, Deniz used to frequent this place when he was working in San Diego at the Naval hospital) this was where we were gonna do the recording of these demos, live/studio feel, on a stage in an empty bar. The sound would have been crazy.
Kevin died a week before the recording date.
Will post more songs soon

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I like the picture. Somewhere around here I have a old cassette from when I was slumming over Paddy's of the F Doll's songs and remember when one of the songs was supposed to play KNAC and that morning the programming switched.