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As a band, we get along great, I mean, we're a unit. So connected and determined. We feel the sense of urgency to get the message out, to get the music out there! Having to hold down jobs makes it hard to be out the mandatory 6-8 weeks, so we toured 2 weeks at at time... we never did a month long tour with the bad men because the climate was never right. Stating with a deadbeat label who offered little or NO support, not even in the form of sending posters to any retailer contacts they had. It has been all DIY for us. But despite it all, we toured both records, same cities repeatedly - Chicago, Milwaukee, Racine, Detroit, Cleveland, Athens Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Washington DC, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Vancouver, Victoria Banff, & Calgary.... and it was always a good time. In this photo, we were booked to play in New York at the Trash Bar. The club looked cool, but there was no promotion on the part of the promoter so we didn't play this was prior to 2 sold out nights in Harrisburg PA and Cleveland Ohio! Fuck face, our driver, got us city to city in half the time, speeding tickets and all.. when asked "do you know how fast you were going?" he says "dunno? how fast" the cop goes "120, may I ask why?" he goes " It's embarrassing but I have to take a shit!" the cop goes "you passed 14 rest stops, 14 opportunities to shit... I'm giving you a ticket" ha ha ha ha. Fuck... too funny. We had just barely reached the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio! In New York, we went to Manitobas, and then to the wall which was painted in memory of Joe Strummer...L. to R. - Fuck face, Troy, Art, Steve and Danny.

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